Star Wars Cookies

I recently designed a small set of Star Wars cookies, I create a tutorial for all these designs.

Assorted character cookies

Assorted Star Wars character cookies

Last week I posted my R2D2 cookie tutorial where I use a tombstone cookie cutter and my airbrush to easily recreate this classic character, link to clipart here.

Simplified R2D2 cookies (click here to view tutorial)

Today I am demonstrating a Darth Vader cookie design, I decided to add a sign to the black character to brighten it up. This character can be tricky to reproduce using a KopyKake due to the fact he is all black, I created mine using stencils & my airbrush.

Darth Vader Cookie design (click here to view tutorial)

Here is the template should you wish to make this cookie yourself.

Darth Vader cookie template

Here are some other fun Star Wars cookies.

Chibi Darth Vader cookie

Star Wars Birthday Party

Sweet Sugar Belle’s version of R2D2